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Why Vervet Monkeys?

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The Vervet Monkey

The Vervet Monkey [Chlorocebus formerly known as: Cercopethicus aethiops], is one of our biggest ecologists in nature. They are vital for the survival of our environment and although since April 2005 no longer declared “Vermin” in the Limpopo Province their numbers still keep
on dwindling rapidly. Our interest as human primates is in constant conflict with the interest of non-human primates such as Vervet Monkeys and Baboons.

The value of free roaming Vervet Monkeys is priceless. They play an important role in creating a balanced, healthy environment for us. The Vervet Monkey Ecologist help create balance in our environment via:

  • Bird control
  • Insect Control
  • Spreading of seeds/germination
  • Invasibility
  • Biotic interaction
  • Sustainability
  • Pollination of plants
  • Part of the natural food chain

Bambelela wants to conduct research into Vervet Monkeys by observing their behavior pattern for a better understanding of their nature. They want to make the public aware of the fact, that we humans are destroying this vital species through littering, offering them food, destroying their natural habitat and mindlessly trapping and killing them.

The children of today are the future of tomorrow. We must strive to involve them in Nature Conservation through education and create an understanding of Where, Why and When the problem began. To look at alternative solutions to the bullet and gun. The human primate population need to learn about non-human primates’ social behavior patterns in order to gain an understanding of these magnificent creatures and thus find solutions that benefit MAN AND MONKEY.