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Volunteering, Holiday-volunteering & Internships

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Join our wildlife care team in their daily tasks. It’s a full hands on experience where you can be part of nursing, caring, cleaning, feeding and making enrichments for the monkey enclosures. The work never ends and expect to be tired in the evenings where a jump into our pool might just be the refreshment you need.

Short term volunteers will be mainly involved in the baby care and working with the special needs monkeys and enrichment projects.

Long term volunteers (2 months+) will be involved in the rehabilitation program, forming troops and the release of troops back to freedom .

RATES Volunteer House 4 dorm bedroom Private guest room en-suite [only 2 available]
1 Week R5000 R6500
2 Weeks R9500 R12000
3 Weeks R14000 R17500
4 Weeks R18000 R22000
5 Weeks R22000 R26000
6 Weeks R26000 R30000
7 Weeks R30000 R34000
8 Weeks R33500 R38000
Additional weeks 9 + Reduced rate upon request


Holiday Volunteering

This package will suit the wildlife enthusiast who seeks relaxation but also wants to make a difference by gaining some deeper insights in to caring for wildlife. Here you can choose where and when you’d like to assist us with babysitting the monkey orphans, caring for the handicap monkeys, helping preparing the feedings in the morning and/or afternoon, participating in enrichment projects or just relaxing around the pool, going for bush walks and being surrounded by wildlife. Your meals will be available at the volunteer house where all volunteers gather together. Evenings can be spent socializing around the boma fire with others or enjoy quietly stargazing with the sounds of the bushveld at night on your very own terrace at your chalet.

Couple / Family / Group volunteering

With accommodation in our chalets and includes beverages for early morning breakfast and fruits in chalet and light lunch + dinner at Vol-house

1 person in Jabula R1200 per night for single accommodation
2 people sharing Jabula R1000 per person per night
3-4 people sharing Jabula R800 per person per night
4 people sharing Shibula R900 per person per night
3 people sharing Shibula R1000 per person per night *each having their own bed
2 people sharing Shibula R1200 per person per night


This program (2 months – 3 years) allows you to be fully part of our care team and learn a lot about animal husbandry, wildlife care, and Primates.

You will be involved in “THE 3 BIG Rs” [Rescue-Rehabilitate-Release]. FGASA students will be able to get their practical experience signed into their book and/or study for their exams while living it. Assisting with our guided tours.

Medical experience is also part of our Intern program and Vet Students, Vet nurses or qualified vets are vervet welcome to assist us in our small clinic or at the veterinary clinic in town. (We do have a regular deworming and vaccination program on site)

Long term volunteers qualify for our reduced internship rate.

Monthly fees:

1-6 MONTHS @ R15 000 per month
7-12 months @ R10 000 per month

A typical working day at our wildlife care

Normally the working day starts at 8h00am and depending on the season, finishes between 17h00 (winter) and 19h00 (summer). Always remember that the needs of the animals come first, so working hours and duties can change at short notice.

07h00-08h00: Early morning breakfast: muesli, cereal, yogurt, fruits to help yourself.

08h00-08h15: Meeting and briefing for happenings of the day.

08h15-10h00: Cleaning of cages, food preparation, feeding, cleaning up of grounds .

10h00-13h00: Project work: fire breaks, collecting natural feedings, alien plant removal, baby sitting shift.

13h00-14h00: Lunch break. [can vary to 12h00-13h00] with a small lunch served.

14h00-15h00: Food preparation, feeding of cages and cleaning of food preparation area.

15h00-17h00: Project work enrichment building/creating, special food treats, baby sitting shifts etc.

17h30: Dinner * meals prepared by a Chef or a team of 2 volunteers [team changes daily].